NP Type

NP Type

NP series (standard type), designed for 3 ~ 5 years life, with stable discharge, high security and other characteristics. Suitable for small appliances, UPS backup system and emergency lighting power supply equipment. Conforms to IATA A67. Meets Maritime Transport IMDG Section 238.

REC Type

REC Type

REC series (recycling type), with excellent discharge cycle characteristics, long life, high security and so on. It's a new generation of product designed for electric bicycles, electric scooters. With excellent discharge performance and long life characteristics. Conforms to IATA A67. Meets Maritime Transport IMDG Section 238.

REW Type

REW Type

REW series (high-life long life type),designed for 5 to 7 years of life, with excellent high rate (watts) discharge characteristics, long life, high security and so on. High energy, high rate of discharge performance, the most suitable for high-power precision machinery and high-performance UPS uninterruptible power system. Contrast NPW products have a longer service life. Conforms to IATA A67. Meets Maritime Transport IMDG Section 238.

Product Feature

Simple Maintenance

When the battery is charged, the gas generated inside the battery is reduced to the electrolyte by the absorption of the battery plate, and there is basically no electrolyte reduction phenomenon. Therefore, it is not necessary to charge and recharge the battery as usual.

Keep the Liquid High

The electrolyte is absorbed in the separator (glass fiber) and remains in a non-flowing state, so that it can be used even under normal operating conditions. (Prohibited to use more than 90 °)

Superior Security

In the improper charging operation, and thus produce too much gas, the battery safety Bian (valve) can automatically discharge the gas, to prevent the battery rupture.

Low Self Discharge Rating

The plate is made of special lead calcium alloy material, the self-discharge control to the lowest, long-term preservation.

Long Life, High Economy

The plate is made of special lead-calcium alloy with high corrosion resistance and has a long floating charge life. The use of special isolation plate (glass fiber) in the battery can hold the electrolyte and press it on the positive plate , To prevent the living material off, so long life. Exceptional deep discharge also has a longer cycle life, is a reliable high-performance battery.

Low Internal Resistance

Low internal resistance is conducive to high current discharge, high rate discharge characteristics of the better.

Has Excellent Recovery Performance while Deep Discharge

It's adverse for the battery if long-term discharge while he battery and the load connected together. In the emergence of such situation, just needs fully charge, basically it will not cause capacity reduction, and soon restore performance.

Product Usage

Cycle Charge

  • AGV vehicle, vacuum cleaners, power tools
  • Recorder, VCR
  • Camera power, photography light power
  • Electric toy products
  • Measuring machine
  • Sphygmomanometer, electric wheelchair

Floating Charge

  • UPS uninterruptible power system, office computer, computer terminal
  • POS system machines
  • Communication base station, telephone exchange
  • Communication Systems
  • Disaster prevention and security system
  • Emergency lighting device

NP Series List

NP Type

REC Series List

REC Type

REW Series List

REW Type

The test condition of Product Life with Float Charge is at 25°C.
The environment temperature rising will decrease the product life.