Features of Gel Nano Battery

Support I-STOP Start/Stop Systems

Gel Nano battery's capacity increased by 10%; fully charge and discharge the battery maximum 300 times.

A Product of New Generation

"DYNAVOT Series battery is the liquid GEL battery, Use of a wide range of ambient temperature (-15°C~+50°C), No matter high or low temperature, the battery can work with a perfect performance.

Long Product Life

Gel Nanotechnology Sealed Battery High Performance MG... advanced sealed activated Battery. Utilizing a real gel electrolyte, rather than liquid, the Nano-Gel is able to fully cover the active material all the time, providing a larger effective surface area and prevent lead from sulphation. The nature of Nano-Gel provides maximum holding to the plates which is able to withstand severe vibration and prolong battery life. Significantly, true gel MG batteries offer more battery cycles and longer shelf life, compared to other factory-activated batteries on the market. These upgrade batteries offer improved battery performance over the original battery type, and as they are factory sealed and activated they do not require acid-filling to commission.

High Performance

Self-discharge rate is low, 1.5 times for the general lead-acid battery, placed after a period of time, when the battery is used again, still in a state of electricity.

Maintenance Free

DYNAVOLT GEL-NANO battery contain no liquid acid that prevent risk of leakage, simple operation, non-corrosive liquid, non-toxic heavy metals, safe and environmentally friendly.

Safe and Leak-Free Battery

The battery intel creates acid-fog while using, the Nano Gel design could absorb the acid-fog. It keeps the vechile body parts away from erosion. Battery fluid gel, strong earthquake resistance, even if the battery body damaged, but the electrolyte will not leak.

GEL-Nano Battery Spec. List

GEL-Nano Battery

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